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TMJ Therapy

TMJ Dental Education Video

You may be suffering from TMJ pain.  Here at Rosa Dental in midtown Sacramento,  we know how to assist  you in understanding the source of  your pain and eliminate it.   Why continue to suffer when we can help you? 

This is an acronym for Temporomandibular Joints.  This condition may be due to misaligned bites, arthritis, a dislocated TMJ, wear and tear of cartilage or grinding and clenching teeth.  TMJ patients suffer from headaches, pain, and tension.  Dr. Rosa offers therapy, mouthguards, and exercises to treat this condition.

A young woman with jaw pain

Many factors can cause TMJ, including:

Treatment options may include:

BITE THERAPY: After a detailed analysis of the mouth and jaw, Dr. Rosa will determine the cause of your TMJ disorder.  Then he will measure your bite pressure throughout the mouth and create a plan of dental work to correct any oral issues and provide relief of the TMJ pain.

MOUTHGUARDS:  Dr. Rosa will have a mouthguard created for TMJ patients to make it more difficult to clench the jaw.  These guards are typically made of soft plastic molds taken from the upper and lower teeth.

TMJ JAW EXERCISES:  These are created for a patient to stop  clenching teeth, correct incorrect alignment and help the patient to relax the jaw, giving the patient control over jaw muscles .Dr. Rosa will provide patients with a series of exercises to practice in front of a mirror.