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Oral Sedation

Sedation Dental Education VideoOral Sedation/Sleep Dentistry PillMillions of Americans avoid the dentist because of fear or negative past experiences. The trouble is, when you avoid the dentist, you end up needing more advanced treatment in the future when a tooth falls out or severe gum disease sets in. Dr. Azouz and our team at Serenity Dental understand dental fear, and we welcome those who haven’t see a dentist in a while, as well as those who struggle to relax in the dental chair. The good news is, dental fear can be overcome, and sedation dentistry is making this possible.

Today’s dentistry shouldn’t be a painful or traumatic experience. We have wonderful new tools and techniques that have made dentistry and comfort virtually synonymous. For example, did you know that we can now create crowns in our office, in a single visit? We can also perform root canals in just one visit and actually alleviate your tooth pain. In conjunction with sedation dentistry, modern treatments are changing the way people view the dentist.

Sedation dentistry has been proven safe and effective for patients with mild to moderate dental fear. It involves a medication taken orally prior to your visit. The medication encourages relaxation and makes most patients feel drowsy. Oral sedation also has an amnesic effect, so you won’t recall specific details of your treatment. Whether you need a deep cleaning or replacement teeth, sedation dentistry can give you the peace of mind you need to face the dentist and receive ongoing care.

Our number priority is always to relieve your pain, not to cause more. Our team is sensitive to your needs, and we offer many comfort amenities to help create a soothing experience, these include:

  • Neck pillows – When you’re tense, your neck muscles tend to tighten. A neck pillow will help you feel more relaxed in the dental chair.
  • Warm blankets – We want you to feel warm and cozy throughout your dental treatment.
  • Paraffin hand wax – These treatments are warm and soothing, and they seem to melt away stress.
  • Refreshments – As our guest, we invite you to help yourself to freshly brewed coffee or bottled water.
  • Video glasses – Watching your favorite film is a great way to relax while Dr. Azouz and our team optimize your oral health.

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist due to fear, or you’re just interested in a soothing, relaxing dental visit, contact Serenity Dental in Rocklin. Your comfort and peace of mind will always come first at our practice.