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Our Technology

Here at Rosa Dental in midtown Sacramento we use the latest technology to be more effective in meeting your needs and to make your visits more comfortable and achieve better results.

We use Radio Surgery which is the use of high frequency electrical energy in the radio transmission frequency band, applied directly to tissue.  Like laser treatment, radio surgery is thermodynamic and develops heat directly within tissue cells.  Unlike laser, however, radio surgery works over the entire surface of the electrode tip in contact with tissue, which makes it ideal for sculpting living tissue.

Our office uses the latest in digital X-ray technology; X-rays provide a clear picture of your entire mouth for a dentist to accurately diagnose and provide necessary treatment.  Digital X-rays offer up to 95% less radiation than traditional film X-rays.

We give our patients an intra-oral video examination.  This allows both the doctor and patient to see the mouth’s condition at the same time, and then discuss treatment options.

Panoramic X-rays offer patients a complete detailed image of the entire mouth including the teeth, jaw (upper and lower), sinuses, and the condition of the TMJ.  This offers a complete picture but also how all the elements of the mouth relate to each other.