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Do I REALLY need to see my dentist twice a year?

Visiting your dentist twice a year may not exactly be the meeting that you look forward to, but it’s the one you should not skipKeeping up with routine cleanings not only keeps your pearly whites in good condition, it also prevents other life-threatening diseases such as mouth cancer from taking a toll on your health. 


Got Braces or Invisalign? Here's what to keep in your bag

Summer’s winding down and school is almost back in session. This is an exciting time for many kids and teenagers. However, for those wearing braces and Invisalign,school poses a few challenges. These may include difficulty brushing your teeth and braces after eating, misplacing your braces or Invisalign, and worse case scenario, facing orthodontic emergencies. 


Why do cold drinks hurt my teeth?

Cold-sensitive teeth are not uncommon, about 40 million adults in the US experience teeth sensitivity to cold, heat and other stimuli. The good news is that all tooth sensitivity issues are treatable.