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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During the Holidays

From Thanksgiving to the New Year’s Eve party, we are swamped with all the yummy goodness we can hardly resist. But this doesn’t mean we should ignore our oral health.


Eat This Not That: 5 Healthy Thanksgiving Food Swaps

The Thanksgiving holiday is the number one time for eating delectable dishes. It is also the same time for overeating and damaging your pearly whites in return. But fret not, here are a few ways to turn your Thanksgiving recipes into their healthier versions without sacrificing taste.


Halloween Costumes that Show off Your Smile

Halloween is the one night when you can dress up and be who or what you want to be. From being spooky to sexy, there are countless dental-themed costumes that will keep you on budget and show off your sparkly pearly white and beautiful smile.