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Gifts that Keep on Giving

Are you struggling to find a good gift to give you son or daughter, or a significant other? Why not give the gift of health? There are plenty of great products out there, big and small, that can help your loved one stay healthy and happy. And with all the New Year’s Resolutions coming up, your gift may be able to help them get motivated to follow through with resolutions like eating healthier, exercising more, or having better oral health.



7 Reasons to Be Thankful For a Healthy Smile

If you’ve been going to your local dentist, Rosa Dental, for your twice a year checkups, and you brush and floss twice a day, chances are you’ll be thankful for your healthy smile as well.


5 Halloween Costume Ideas and Tips That Show off Your Smile

Dentists may not love the overindulgence of sugary candy that is a quintessential part of Halloween, but who doesn’t enjoy costume parties and dressing up like a topical person or fictional character? Below are a few great costume ideas and tips that let you proudly show off your smile on Halloween night.