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Causes of Swollen Gums

Are you currently experiencing swollen gums? This can be quite an alarming issue when you first notice it. There are actually a number of issues that can be causing your gums to appear swollen, and it is not always easy to determine by yourself exactly what the issue is. You should call your dentist to get an appointment in order to figure it out, but below you will find some information as to what might be causing your swollen gums.


How to Choose a Sacramento Cosmetic Dentist

Everyone has different needs when it comes to oral healthcare. Some are lucky enough to have a great combination of genes and oral hygiene, and all they need is the twice a year checkup to make sure their teeth stay healthy. But for most of us, we will need to see the dentist for something more urgent than just a checkup. Cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly common, and with the advances in technology, it is also less painful and better than ever. But how do you know which Sacramento cosmetic dentist to go to?



Teeth Whitening Tips from a Dental Professional

Everybody wants the whitest teeth possible. It is almost impossible to watch television without seeing at least one ad explaining how stained your teeth are and how their products can make your teeth substantially whiter. It can be tempting to buy these toothpastes, treatments, or procedures on impulse after being tempted by these ads, but what is the truth?