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Four Toothy Do-It-Yourself Projects for Halloween Décor

Halloween has always been labeled as the holiday that is the menace of healthy teeth everywhere. Given that this is a holiday of horror, why not use that dental horror to make some great decorations for your home? The following are a few ideas for some easy do-it-yourself projects that will help make your house look creative and interesting this year.


Fall Foods: What to Eat and What to Skip for Healthy Teeth

With the arrival of fall comes brisker weather, the start of school, and many celebrations like Halloween and Thanksgiving. The autumn season also brings many opportunities to indulge in sweets and unhealthy foods.


Tooth Anatomy: An Overview

Our teeth are vital to our health. While we use them so often, clean them daily, and (hopefully) get them professionally checked twice a year, many do not know much about the tooth anatomy. But a better understanding of what the tooth is really made of may help you better take care of them.