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Warning Signs of Oral Cancer You're Probably Ignoring


Despite the treatment becoming far easier and more accessible than any other type of cancer, it can still kill as much as one person per day. Awareness is the first step to learning more about oral cancer. Most symptoms can be mistaken for other minor illnesses which we usually ignore. While this is the case, you can still watch out for some signs from your body that's telling you might have oral cancer. These early warning signs are:

White and Red Patches

Having red or white patches or erythroleukoplakia are spots that occur inside our mouth. While white patches are caused by common factors such as broken dentures, irritants from mouth products, and bad mouth habits such as chewing the inside of our mouths, it can also signal cancerous substances.

On the other hand, red patches are not to be taken as lightly. Almost 90% of reported occurrence of red, velvety spots inside the mouth has turned out to be cancerous. This means the appearance of red spots could more likely signal a developing cancer in your mouth. Red spots are most noticeable on the tongue and can also be a warning sign for other deadly diseases such as HIV and diabetes.

Severe Mouth Sores

We all have experienced and suffered from the occasional mouth sores that have prevented us from eating or even speaking properly. If your mouth sore has been there for a while or hasn't healed at all, it might finally be time to get professional help and see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. 

Abnormal Lumps

Having lumps on your lips, mouth, and even throat is another sign you might have oral cancer. Abnormal lumps may feel tender or painful. Although it is also one early sign of oral cancer, it may also indicate other medical conditions. Regardless of your observation, seeking professional help is the best course of action in determining whether lumps are normal or different.

Chronic Sore Throat

Just like having severe mouth sores, suffering from a sore throat for an unusually long time is another sign of cancer in the mouth or throat. Other than a sore throat that doesn't heal, a persistent or occurring condition may also signal the presence of cancer in your body. While it may not be the cause of the disease, maintaining good oral health can help strengthen our immune system and fight against such risks.

Difficulty Eating or Chewing

Unexplained difficulty in eating or chewing is another symptom of oral cancer. Such difficulties including experiencing pain in various parts of our mouth and throat may be the result of inflammation that has already occurred. Rather than taking this as an early sign or symptom, consider it as a warning sign of a threatening disease.

This is why it is important to take our oral health seriously. Regular visits to the dentist can help detect oral cancer oral and keep your mouth and body healthy. Schedule an appointment with Rosa Dental today to learn more about oral cancer and how you could prevent other oral diseases. 


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