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Restoring Your Smile with Crowns

Your smile says a lot about you. If you avoid smiling because you are missing teeth, your overall demeanor could suffer. Restorative dentistry offers a way to get your smile back, allowing you to feel good about yourself. Crowns are one way, specifically, to help restore a tooth to its normal appearance and function, allowing you to have a healthy mouth once again.

The Function of Crowns

Crowns have a variety of functions. In many cases, they are used as a way to improve the appearance of a tooth that has lost its shape or even its color. The crown serves as a type of cap over your tooth, allowing it to look and feel like your natural tooth. This can help to smooth out jagged teeth, making your mouth more comfortable.

They can also serve as a source of strength to a weakened tooth. This could occur as a result of a tooth that has a filling that is too large to be supported by the natural tooth, cracked teeth or those that are simply worn down. They are also used to help keep a dental bridge supported.

The Types of Crowns

There are a variety of types of crowns that can be used, depending on the reason for their need as well as the appearance that you desire.

  • Metal – This is the most common material used as it is the toughest and typically lasts the longest. The least amount of your natural tooth needs to be removed to put metal in and they can withstand rigorous chewing and wear down.
  • Porcelain with Metal – When you need a crown for appearance purposes, porcelain can be fused to the metal crown to provide the appearance of a natural tooth. There is a little more risk in chipping or wearing down with porcelain, but the appearance is more appealing.
  • All porcelain or ceramic – Crowns that are all porcelain or ceramic provide the most aesthetically pleasing appearance in a tooth, but they will wear down the fastest as there is no metal backing them up. This is typically a good option for those that have metal allergies.

We are happy to discuss the needs of your teeth, whether you need a crown for cosmetic or restorative purposes, we can determine the best type for you and help get your smile back to what it used to be.

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